9 Months With our little Mermaid Water Baby

9 months in, 9 months out...
(well technically pregnancy last for 10months)
I can basically not even remember the days before Faye came into our lives.

Happy 9 Months, little one!

We are smitten by your love for the water and won't dare move you away from the beaches.
We are clearly sticking closely to your element.
You are such a sunshine and way too much fun to hang out with. I can't imagine a better way to spend my days.
(Except having the odd short break to myself, for a leisurely shower or meditations!!!)
When waves wash over your face, you just giggle. You see, your Mum has never been this brave with water and is rather fearful of waves and deep water. But you inspire me and maybe we can learn how to surf together when the time comes?
Your other big love is music. You play the xylophone 100 times a day in delight.
Nothing makes you smile more than hearing us sing.
(thank you for not judging my squeaky voice)
You also started to do a little dance when you hear music playing or when daddy beatboxes and sings to you.

You are saying Da-da and Mama, as well as Ba and Ga. Hearing you babble is pretty special.
You started cruising along furniture & walls last month and also perfected your crawl from a commando crawl to a "proper" crawl. 
Your eyes have this magical hazel green, blue, brown mix and your hair looks somewhat strawberry blonde.
Everyone says you look like your Dad with your Mums skin colour.
Daddy & I think that you look more and more like your unique self and also less and less like a baby.
Cuddles are still your favourite and you give really good hugs and passionate kisses.
And although everything feels like a blur, I think we might have all slept through last night, for the first time ever.

Happy 9 Months, Faye! You are our world!