New year...New Threads, New Directions?

That lazy Summer feeling really got me.
All I want to do is hang out at the beach and eat mangos & coconuts...

After we had a serious heat wave and little Faye got a shocking heat rash, we were happy to have a few cooler days!
I never thought I would say that in my lifetime.
But we were actually grateful for the change. For hanging in cosy cafes and actually being able to wear cute clothes. Faye was dancing on the bench the whole time, which was super funny, as it was a first. She is such a little sunshine these days, babbling her Da-Da-Da's, banging around as if she was a professional drummer, waving to everyone... 8 months sure is a fun age.

Did I mention how much my priorities have changed lately?
I almost feel like I am ready for a completely different life in a way.
A lot is going through my head. And at the same time, I am so grateful for what we have.
I just feel we are coming to a turning point and have to decide the direction in which we want to move forward.
Some big parenting decisions we are making over here and thinking about a move...

To keep me sane in times like this I focus on getting sleep, extra good nutrition and also some Yoga. We are still always trying to stay flexible with our daily routines and they keep changing as Faye grows. It's definitely not easy, creating these pockets of self-care with a baby and work, but we do what we can. And sometimes it just all goes through the window and we are in survival mode, but that's ok. Because we are human, you know?

Fayes Onesie & Overalls are ethically made from organic cotton and designed in Melbourne by Frankie Jones The Label and so is my Stripey Tee. Love supporting small eco biz :)