A good start! Getting things done...

Having a week "off" together between Christmas and the New Year has been such a gift.
I feel we finally got on top of things in our apartment, getting rid of things, donating stuff, cleaning in depth, organising, besides getting Faye a passport and other paperwork things.

You know, just all the adult stuff that one has to take care off that never gets done when you are both working and having a little baby & puppy!
The things that are anxiety provoking when you see them all on that long list, but once you do them it's the best feeling ever. So we got to tick most of them off before the new year and decluttered so well.

Then we got to take Faye to the beach daily, sometimes twice a day, which enlightens this little water baby so much! She really squeals with excitement in the water and that one time a little wave washed over her head she just blew bubbles and then laughed and kicked as if she wanted more.
Our local little grocer now also makes fresh Falafel on Saturday's so we couldn't help ourselves!
We had to support local VEGAN food! And they were very tasty.

Faye also saw her first fireworks on NYE. We just walked up the hill to get a view of the harbour bridge and all saw the kids fireworks together because we were in bed by midnight...
That's how we roll these days. It was pretty special and Faye was surely wowed.
Dave also built a little guard rail onto our family bed, now that Faye moves and rolls around so much, we were getting a little worried about her falling out.
Yes, we are co-sleeping and opted for the family bed. It just feels right and natural for us and makes sure we all get to cuddle and get as much sleep as possible.

(PS: My Skin is glowing thanks to vegan & natural Luminous Angel Drops...check out my NYE Makeup Look here!)