Bye, Bye 2017 The year & parenting in review

Professional Pregnancy & Newborn Photos by Gabriela Fearn all others are our own

2017 has been a cracker!
We are still pinching ourselves how much has happened.

The best day of our lives was for sure when we welcomed little Faye into this world.
Being pregnant was such a great experience and the anticipation of becoming a family of four.
(including puppy Dalston)
There has been so much growth and transformation happening.
For me, it was the year where I stood up more for my values and have been making bigger efforts towards sustainable living.
We have been discussing big life questions on the way we want to parent, our values together as a family and priorities.
We were trying to be green with our baby stuff choices, using cloth-nappies and are also bringing Faye up with nourishing vegan food.
Seeing Dave as such a caring, loving and playful Dad and parenting together has brought us even closer, although we are having less time to ourselves and things have been chaotic at times. He inspired me with his strength and commitment and I have seen him grow in so many amazing new ways over the last year.

From our very first little outings after birth
Baking while feeding....spending days of feeding on the couch during her growth-spurts...
We have been making little trips, travelling around with Faye, taken her on her first flight and went to the beach SO many times this Summer.
We hang out with wonderful friends and made some new ones along the way.

It is really hard to explain what it feels like to be a Mum for me. Maybe it's the warm and fuzzy feeling of being in love that I have felt ever since falling pregnant, that focus and change of priorities, the "takeing myself out of the middle of the circle", getting over myself, while finding a whole new way of self-love and respect for my body.
Being more conscious of the way I think, speak and act. (which doesn't mean that I haven't had glitches, grumpy or snappy days or have had moments of not being as kind as I aspire to be)
But life is a journey, right?

We didn't make any big resolutions as we are really happy & grateful for everything we have got right now, but did make a list of things we would like to do during the year.
And mainly to stay happy & healthy and to make time for each other.

Here is to 2018! Which already started with a bang.