Capturing the last days with one big belly...

I love being pregnant and time did just fly by. (Am I repeating myself?)
This is just such a magical time, creating new life, observing my body change and baby grow and feeling so full of love. Ever since being pregnant I had these special butterflies in my tummy, a deep happiness and a content feeling of everything being okay. I have been feeling very calm and confident and didn't experience any mood swings.

Yes, the first trimester was physically challenging for me, but even then I was emotionally very well. And ever since then I could just carry on and walk around with this big belly forever.

Although I am really looking forward to meeting this tiny human and am so curious getting to know her and spending all this time together as a family.

It's the final weeks with the big belly and so our friend and awesome family photographer Gabriela Fearn followed us to our favourite little beach to take some photos of us. Us as a family of three, capturing the big belly and this time of waiting to have our 4th family member earth side.
Dalston had such a great time running around the beach, chasing himself in circles, digging wholes and jumping on top of quite some freshly build sandcastles (sorry kids!)
I know he is going to make such a great big brother, yet I don't think he really has a clue about what is going on.

THANK YOU, Gaby!!! We love these photos so much and will treasure these memories.
We might need to hire you to take some newborn/family photos soon as well...

One day we will be able to share these with our baby girl too.