Vegan Dining Lately & Birth Course Weekend

Is it just me or is there a lot of food over here on the blog lately? Forgive a pregnant mama in her third trimester, good food seems like a priority over here these days...

This third trimester is flying by and things are starting to get really real over here.
We spend the weekend in the Southern Highlands attending the "Calmbirth" birthing workshop!

If you are or are planning to get pregnant, look this course up, we really loved it! It was recommended by our midwife and we learned so, so much.
I would recommend this to anyone, it was such a great experience and so special to have the whole weekend just to focus on the pregnancy, our baby, and the upcoming birth. There were about ten other couples and it was really fun to connect with the others and hear their stories.

The course fell on our anniversary so we went out for a nice Japanese dinner at night.

It's also been my birthday and Valentines Day, so it's overall been a few very lovey-dovey weeks.
We are both so excited and looking forward to meeting our baby.  At the same time, it's also very nice to enjoy these last weeks of just us (and Dalston) as our little family of three.

Time really flies. The countdown is on :)
By the time I get round to publishing this it will be 34+ weeks. WOW!
I am pretty much off work now (besides quite a bit of admin, website stuff, blogging and planning), so I am really focusing on daily meditations and my prenatal exercises & yoga and also reading all these amazing pregnancy/birth, baby & parenting books. There are also more appointments with my midwife now so it's great not to feel rushing around.

I am trying my best to take it all in, it's such a special time and I really enjoy being pregnant.
I also thought I make a little video or list post with all the little remedies and things that have helped me feeling great throughout my pregnancy.

My favourite Vegan Eats lately:
(going out while I can before being under house arrest, soon enough)

My birthday dinner was at Bodhi, we had vegan Peking Duck and Cheesecake for dessert, can't recommend this place highly enough.

Sadhana Kitchen Bondi remains a winner for leisurely weekend breakfasts and lunches!
Bondi Bowl & A Salted Caramel Sundae, oh yeah!

Earth To Table is my favourite (all vegan & Organic!) meeting spot at the moment!
Blue Majik Smoothie, Kale & Seaweed Salads and Sheppard's Pie are my top picks of the current menu. And all their bliss balls and cakes are amazing.

Our anniversary dinner, was tricky, as we spent the weekend in the Southern Highlands and there are no vegan restaurants, the best option was Toshi's Japanese, which had a set Vegetarian Menu, which was delicious and could be ordered as a vegan option.

And as usual, on lazy nights we just grab a box from the buffet at About Life in Double Bay.
I can already see how this will be all we will be eating during the postpartum period.

And last but not least...
Home cooking: We just tried out Vegan Eggs by Follow Your Heart. We made them scrambled as part of our Sunday lunch and they were a winner! If you want to try them my tip is to mix them in a blender so they become nice and fluffy. Just to give you some inspiration for Easter!?