Anniversary Pizza & Playground Dates

It's been two years since I married the love of my life, my partner, best friend, my lover, my everything! It feels like a lifetime, so much has happened since then.

When we got married we said that we will spend each anniversary away down the coast...but we didn't quite stick to the plan.
You see, plans don't always work when little ones and life, in general, are involved :)
We had a few days of Faye not napping and I rely on her naps to get work done.
So I was quite behind all my emails and scheduled work and also haven't had a blog post up but mostly and truly, possibly for the first time since Faye's birth I felt tired. And a little defeated.
We had been househunting in Sydney, which is quite the experience and we missed out on a property that we really liked. This surely didn't add to my mood.
I tried to remember that it is just a short phase, just a few teeth and then life would get back on track. I also reminded myself that all was still well, we were all still alive, healthy and generally happy. Just teething. And just Mama being tired.
It was time to take a step back and look at what's really important.

While I did take the whole weekend off, we decided to stay put here in Sydney.
It felt like that's what we needed so much more than the planning and endless hours in the car with the little one, the weather was also rather chilly and wet, so it felt perfect for a weekend in the city and a nice dinner.
It was a good choice.

We have been wanting to go and eat at Gigi's Pizzeria for a long long time.
We have definitely missed out just seems we stick to our end of the city more and more. Even though it was pushing Faye's bedtime (and she hasn't been sleeping or napping well for a few days, due to 3 teeth erupting at once) we winged it.
She wasn't entirely thrilled but kept up, ok. Well enough for us to get through appetizers and Pizza...
We got them to pack our Tiramisu in a bag and enjoyed it at home after Faye went to sleep.

So how was Gigi's? Absolutely amazing!
It's very inspiring how this traditional Italian Restaurant converted to being all vegan when the owner learned about veganism. His restaurant became even more popular but he also seems to have kept all the carnivore customers, as the taste and quality haven't changed.
It's the best example of the saying "Everything you do, I can do, vegan!"
We had the best experience and the food was on point. Italian food is so delicious, I almost forgot how good it can be!
Eating mainly raw plant-based food it was fun to join Dave, the (vegan) Pizza lover and just indulge a little.
Time to celebrate the little things, because they are the big things after all.

And so we spend Sunday on the Playground.
Had some long walks around the hood with little Dalston and just took it real nice and easy for a change. Somehow we didn't get a pic of all of us... Note to self: Remember to ask a stranger on the next occasion or get that selfie stick.

Faye is wearing he Frankie Jones The Label Organic Cotton Onesie
I am wearing Fabrik Dress, Fabrik Blouse & VFL Sneakers