Community Garden, Yoga & Parenthood Wisdom

(that's kind of a dorky expression, isn't it?) Ah well. I am Mum, it might be one of the privileges I have now, doing or saying dorky things...but back to the topic...)

Life lately?
All kinds of amazing lessons have been learned. I lost my mind and found my soul.
Motherhood does these things to you, you know? It's a rollercoaster ride, a juggle.
A wonderful juggle.
I have worn myself out and have arrived at a new place of inner peace and calm.
The countdown to our big holiday is also on, which puts everything into perspective.

Guys, I have so much I want to share with you in terms of practicalities. Little videos and updates on what we have learned and been doing. And we will get there. One step at a time.

Did you check out my video on Early Potty Learning? I am about to share more of those daily life hacks and thoughts on conscious parenting

For now, we joined the local community garden party, looked at pretty flowers, are dreaming of our very own veggie patch and have fallen in love with our neighbourhood once again.
The community threw a little gathering including lots of craft for the kids, ice cream, bbq and yummy salads. We really landed in the best place.

And amidst all of that, I found this wonderful piece of wisdom:

"The best advice is to give yourself as a new parent, plenty of time in any activity you are doing. In getting ready to go out, everything may fall apart. Accept this. Get used to the new rhythm of life with a new precious being. Having patience for yourself is having patience for the child. Handle things with respect, reverence and humour, and the insecurities or frustration will melt away.
The child is given to you for a short time, and the time passes quickly. There are new transitions around every corner, with each new day. Embracing the magic in each phase of your child’s life will allow for a happy experience for everyone. Nothing is ‘perfect.’ Just enjoy the ride." Yogi Bhajan