Hello Tiny Toddler Room & Montessori Floorbed

Bye, bye baby...which is turning one in a few days... Hello, my wild and wonderful toddler girl!

I have been antsy to change up Faye's little space since we don't change her there anymore. The room wasn't functional any longer and she couldn't really use it

We live in a small-ish apartment, here in Sydney. So, for now, we have given Faye the tiny sunroom as her space. She will eventually outgrow it, but for now, I wanted it to be a cosy fun place that she can sleep & play in and snuggle and read.

Most of her toys are in our living space at the moment and that's where we all play and hang out together most of the time. More on that later. I might have to do a separate post on our toys and play area if you are interested?

Day Sleeps Versus Night Sleeps

We are still sleeping together in our family bed at night, which we all love and it works really well since Dave has DIY'd the guardrail.
So at night time, we are still all snuggling together as usual. I love co-sleeping in a family bed. We always know that Faye is at the right temperature (did you know that Children are less able to regulate their body temperature compared with adults?) The weather has been all over the shop lately, it's a never-ending summer and some nights are hot others are cool, but that is a different story. Faye still feeds at night sometimes, especially when she is cutting teeth, so it's convenient not having to get up, which saves me precious sleep.

During the day I have introduced Faye to her Montessori Style floor bed.
She absolutely loves it. All naps are happening here. She took to it immediately, although we only introduced it to her at 11 months.
We got ours in Australia from the lovely family business Howe And Zo
The idea behind a Montessori floor bed is in line with the general principles of the Montessori Method: a child should have freedom of movement and should be able to move independently around his (carefully childproofed!) room. For this reason, a floor bed is preferable to a crib, since a crib restricts movement and limits independence. Faye seems to love that she can just get up when she wakes up, rather than having to call me for help to get out of bed.
I really love how cute and cosy the house bed frame is as opposed to just a mattress on the floor. When we feel ready she might have some night sleeps here as well. It's also easy and comfortable for me to lie next to her, breastfeed or snuggle up.

I had so much fun, making it all cosy. We hung some fairy lights over the rood of the bed, dream catchers inside and some fun & fluffy velvet cushions.
The only thing missing now is a small shelf with a few books & toys that she can access herself.
It was supposed to happen weeks ago, but you know, how it is.
I will update you once it's done. Baby steps.

Please let me know if you are having any questions about floor beds, family beds or anything else! I will take some more room pics soon and keep you updated.