ONE - Happy Birthday, Faye

Photos by Gabriela Fearn

A letter to my beloved daughter.

Dear Faye,

We love you beyond any words. The day you were born was the happiest day of our lives.
It feels like yesterday. I loved telling you your birth story and I hope you will enjoy this tradition every year as you are growing up.
We have been thinking a bit about which traditions to create for our little family to make our own and which ones will suit you.
You have so much personality already and spending time with you is never dull.
We call you little mermaid because you love the water beyond anything.
You know how to live life to the fullest. Enjoying good food, humming, singing & dancing.
There are so much passion and strength in everything you do, yet you always seem wise and grounded. Your kisses and hugs are pretty special, you carry so much love and light.
Our fearless little peace warrior, wild amazon and wise Buddha baby. It's apparent, how smitten we are with you and even though love oozes out of every word I am typing it's not nearly enough to express how we feel about you. Thank you for teaching us more about life and ourselves every day. Thank you for letting us be your parents and guide, it's been the greatest honour that I have received this life. My heart has expanded and opened wide. I am stronger yet more vulnerable than ever.
Being your Mum means everything to me.
Happy first birthday, Faye!

All the love, your Mum