David's Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday to the greatest man I know! You are my everything!

If you have been following along and have known us for a while you would know that I love love love birthdays and Dave is a bit of a grinch when it comes to Christmas and birthdays.
(He recently promised me to up his game and get into the swing of things a little more…)

By now while I am writing this with some delay, we are back to our best, dreaming about the future, filled with energy and waking up with a smile.
BUT: We both felt pretty rundown in the lead up to Daves birthday weekend.
A lot of work and not much time for ourselves.
Parenting takes a lot of constant attention, which is a wonderful growth opportunity in itself but we reached the point of having to refill our own little cup.
We started bickering and feeling deflated, unlike our usual selves.
My alarm bells went off and told me, I have to act right now.
SO: I left a few emails unanswered, send Faye to the playground with a lovely friend/sitter and met Dave at his work for a lunch date together.
Guys…it was the best idea ever. I dressed up and we had so much fun enjoying our food and conversations uninterrupted. It really wasn’t that hard but made all difference. Lunch was super delicious at a yoga/health food cafe and we could have stayed for hours.

You see, we love Faye so much we never seem to see the need to spend alone time.
She is still little, so I don’t feel comfortable at all leaving her at night or overnight yet, but a lunch date was perfect. And we might try an early dinner sometime soon.

After our lunch, we had such a great and cosy night in! I made apple crumble and we just relaxed. On Saturday morning I send Dave off to the local barber.
We have been walking past a million times and always loved the look of that place, it was time to give it a go. Dave came back beaming. He loved it and decided to go more regularly now.
He also got spoiled with a bunch of natural grooming products.

For lunch, we went to an all vegan pub with our friends. Dave really enjoys vegan junk food/pub food from time to time, so this was a big hit! I had some Vish Tacos and he had a Schnitzel with fries…It really doesn’t take that much to carve out quality time.
I learned a lot this weekend. A sweet reminder.