Gardening & Community

We finally took the first steps towards membership in our local community garden.
Faye has been visiting regularly as they put on a little toddlers gardening circle once a week.
She seems to enjoy watering the plants and hanging out there so much and we played with the idea of our own veggie garden for a while: It’s all happening! Although we have to tick a few workshops off the list before getting a plot. It’s quite a process and with me working on the weekends again it might take a little while. Baby steps…
I am just SO happy that gardening has become such a „trend“ recently that most schools have a veggie garden and there is so much people can do in terms of „urban farming“
It’s amazing to see the bond little ones have with nature. Faye is always so much more grounded and happy when being outdoors. I think we all feel the same, but it’s easy to forget.

The other day it was raining and I saw all the annoyed and miserable faces of people rushing towork through the rain. But Faye shrieked in delight, she was wearing her yellow gumboots and her pink rain jacket and had the best time jumping into puddles, getting wet and feeling the rain, the mud and all of the weather.
Such a great reminder how fun rainy days can be. We were singing German rain songs and I actually had a very good time. I do won gumboots but no rainjacket, so I should probably get myself one so I can have even more fun next time it rains.

So here is to many days spend outside, rain or shine!