A quiet, cosy Fathers Day with Blueberry Pancakes

We have been a little quiet over here.
After two weeks of intense teething for the whole family, we are all back on track, well rested and happy but it felt important to slow down, be a little quieter and in some hibernation mode.
This Winter doesn't seem to end, although it's technically Spring.

With cold winds and driving rain, we decided to spend Fathers Day in our own four walls, with yummy food ( we had takeout pizza on Friday night, I made our new fave sweet potato dish on Saturday and Sunday we started the day with yummy pancakes) plenty of giggles, play, snuggles and back rubbing.
And repeatedly thanking Dave and reminding him of why we love him so much.

We didn't even snap many pictures, which is a little unlike us, but we just needed to all take a little break to breathe and just be. I took a few of the pancakes so that I can share the recipe with you.

And while I am not big on the commercialization of all these days, I do really enjoy celebrating and creating traditions and enjoying the moment. Fathers don't get much recognition and while a day a year doesn't really change that its a great chance to remember to thank them more often. 

He is working hard for us and our main breadwinner while Faye is little.
Although he is working all week he is still helping A LOT in the house and obviously, he is always up for fun play with Faye.
These two have such a strong bond and it makes my heart jump every day to see them together and know how much Faye loves her Dada. 
He means the world to us.

So this day was all about him and I knew he just really craved doing nothing, not having to go anywhere and probably even being a little bit private.
I kept that in mind and resisted snapping away, celebrating Liv-style and organizing big surprises.

Sometimes all you need is a day of cuddles with your loved ones.

If you are curious about the pancakes here is the recipe:
It was the first time I experimented with Banana flour and they turned out great!
(they are the same recipe than the ones I posted here, just with Banana flour!)
For toppings we just heated up some frozen blueberries and topped with extra banana slices.
Faye is all about peeling and cutting banana these days :)