Hello Sunshine! A little Garden Walk & Picnic

Spring has sprung! Just in time.

I was stretched a little thin and really needed a relaxing afternoon. You see, I was always quite good with getting up for daily meditation and gentle exercise, or that at least what I remember from my life before becoming a Mum. If I wasn’t running a business as well and working there would probably be some time to look after myself more but at the moment I am just trying to work it all it out.
Besides that we have have been house hunting which, really takes a lot of time and energy.
The Sydney housing market is a tricky and strange one to navigate and we haven’t had any luck so far. I know that things always work out for the best in the end, but in the meantime, PHEW.

And while there was still so much left undone around the house and on our to-do lists, we just left the house for a spontaneous picnic in the sun. While driving Faye fell asleep and we just had a moment of calm, drinking coffees in the sunshine and then ate all together in the grass.
So amazing how this serene spot is just minutes from our house. I do really love were we live.

Before we knew it Faye had all her clothes off and was splashing in the water of a nearby beach. We saw goats and chickens and strolled through beautiful gardens.

All the blooms were blossoming and gratitude filled my heart.
What a change a few hours can make…