Hello Sydney! We love you.

Sydney has been good to us!
I am feeling very lucky having the chance to live in such a beautiful city.
Daves family is just the best, welcoming us in their home and being so helpful.
His brother Mark is the best Pizza dough maker on the planet and his little sister Rebecca got us tickets for one of her dance performances one night.
And his Mum just constantly fills up the fridge with all sorts of delicious vegetarian food for us.
Thanks Guys, you are all awesome.

We have been exploring different neighborhoods, in the search of the best matching suburbs to call our home. Walking around the warm Spring air, soaking in all the incredible smells and colours we are recharging and taking plenty of photos.
Spring is purple here in Sydney! Thanks to plenty of blossoming jacaranda trees everywhere.
I get excited each time I am spotting one, they are one of the prettiest things I have ever seen.
The coffee over here is even better than in Italy.
Also we had the chance to meet some lovely people from the blog-sphere in person.
Gaby showed me round her beautiful hood and Trishie joined us for a fun night out at a pop up vintage store. I am looking forward to seeing more of these two.