image by 20sk Lee Crutchley. Ive just discovered the trailer for the upcoming story book adaptation of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE by Spike Jonze and I can't stop watching it. It just makes me happy. This could be the best movie of the year! Why am I posting about a kids movie without any fashion or wedding theme? I think this is a really healthy escape if you are stressing out about your wedding plans, or just anything that might be getting you uptight!

This movie is about LOVE, about friendship & about GREAT MUSIC (soundtrack by ARCADE FIREas well as music in the feature by Karen O from the YYY's as well as Carter Burwell!)) Seeing all this MONSTERS just feels so so so very good in this polished fashion world. I love the monsters, they are dirty, they are honest, they are weird, they are blushless, they are cute in a rough way and they look like they really know how to party!

I wanna hang out with them NOW!