smart, sexy, and a little bit fabulous

Liv just discovered this menswearlabel: Commonwealth Utilities ITS PERFECT TO FIND A SLAMMING GROOM OUTFIT, I PROMISE. Their website is stunning: there are replicas of the same man standing... 1 putting on a suit, and 2 taking of their suits. HOT! Their clothes are just amazing, maybe because they are designing with “the idea of making men smart, sexy, and a little bit fabulous.” A cool little extra service they are offering on their website is that you can "ask the concierge" about all fashion related questions you might have.

Anthony from Canada (a CSM graduate) and Richard from Australia met each other in London in 1995. The duo worked in London, and collaborated on many projects in London, New York and Italy. Anthony and Richard now have their own label Commonwealth Utilities, which is based in New York. Smart, sexy, and a little bit fabulous!

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