fred & ginger

page4_2Image courtesy of Fred & Ginger

Liv likes Lingerie. There has been a big discussion based on boudoir photoshoots on ESB read it here. I agree boudoir shootings by a photographer could be really embarassing. Self-portraits are really inspiring on the other hand. To send over via email if you are in an LDR...or just for the fun of it. And I don't think most man are not interested in lingerie and don't give a shit... Of course it feels great and sexy to be naked. I love being naked ; )

During London Fashion Week Liv met Victoria, the designer of the super hot London based lingerie label Fred & Ginger. Their underwear is delighted to look naughty but luxurious sophistication at the same time. I am definitely a Fan of black underwear, so I especially like the "black label" collection. The Bridal Collection is vintage inspired, from white silks but far far from boring as well.

Love the glamourous make-up with the red lipstick! Its my winterlook!

P.s: fred & ginger designs for both Freds and Gingers! Extra points for sexy mens underwear coming soon.