add some color part I


Did I just say I am desparate for some sunshine? The latest collection of Dinosaur is inspired by the SUN. All this powerful yellow, orange and red shades combined with gold are instantly getting me into summer mood. Liv loves that the collection is presented on the naked body ; )

(Go,go,go away endless German snowy winter, please, Liv is a summergirl!)

I recently found a lot colorful designs that would match perfectly with a white dress and could be worn again and again. My first "add some color post" is about the Sydney based jewelry/homeware design company Dinosaur. The Team consists of Louise Olsen, Stephen Ormandy and Liane Rossler. They have managed to intersect the boundaries between art, craft, design, fashion and business without pause, and have applied the same creative energy and focused vision to each new opportunity. The Dinosaurs have forged an important place for themselves within Australian design history, not only through their longevity and popularity but also through the distinctively Australian character of their work, with many of the colours and forms they use evoking the casual lifestyle and vibrant natural landscape of Australia. -Brian Parkes Curator, Object Gallery They also care about the environment in different ways, so you can be sure you'll support sustainable designs.