Beauty tip of the month

Emailed to me by my Dad! Thanks Dad. (source unknown) I think this is very true. My yoga teacher in NYC taught me to watch my thoughts whenever I leave the house. Like we always check our image in the mirror, which is fine, but wouldn't help if we leave with miserable thoughts. Good thoughts will make you look beautiful! Inside and out.

I am surprised how often I hear women I work with say things like: "I hate my skin." Or "My skin looks awful/terrible..." etc. Everyone has bad skin days, stressful days, or a flu from time to time, but there is no need to be that tough on yourself. Have you ever noticed how your skin changes, when you are stressed, or ill? I can tell the difference in my own skin straight away.

You can enhance your skin with makeup and enjoy and experiment with it. Makeup can transform you, and of course you can cover uneven skin tone, blemishes and dark circles with the right products and techniques. I love makeup, I love my job. It's so creative and versatile, and constantly inspiring. I see makeup as a fun celebration of your own beauty, an artistic tool that can enhance your unique beauty. I wish I could teach women in my makeup classes and makeovers how to love their skin more. And to understand what an important and fantastic organ it really is.

Watch your thoughts! Love the skin you live in.