Longest Lash Lust

0x550helen dowsley lashes Mirror Mirror On The Wall.......who has the longest lashes among them all?

Lashes have been a big thing for quite a few seasons now, lash bars have opened and there are many different options of lash extensions. Personally I prefer false lashes that come off easily at the end of the day , rather than the the high maintenance that comes with the more permanent extensions.

Being a lifetime vegetarian and animal fan, I don't really recommend Mink lashes anyway, as they are fur and are usually fabricated under cruel conditions. But everyone has to decide for themselves, I don't judge people wearing mink lashes, but I would personally not wear them. I wear lots and lots of mascara daily and for special occasions wear false lashes which are so much fun. I try and mix in ethical products in my makeup kit and I am always happy to find more professional quality products in this category.

On photo shoots and models false lashes are great and give so many options to change a look, perfect for red carpet looks or events they just enhance the eyes so beautifully. I often combine different styles, use lower lashes and upper lashes, or layer them. On my brides I love using individual lashes, which look super natural and pretty. They suit everyone and can be easily customized with different lengths.

The great Makeup Artist Helen Dowsley now offers a fabulous range of hand made & ethically sourced false lashes, exactly what I have been waiting for. Her range is just big enough to cover different styles, my beloved individual lashes and now even underlashes in different designs. I recently had the chance to try them, and they work a treat. You simply cut them in half and apply them in 2 steps. Under lashes create a dramatic eye opening effect, perfect if you want your eyes to look very big! With all her great industry experience she really manged to create a professional product that really reflects what women are looking for.

I love how the bands are very fine and see through which makes them look more natural and virtually undetectable. Check out her website for more info, you might fall in love with her products too!