A magical night of raising brows! Benefit Gimme Brow Review

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Do you take care of your brows? Do you thread, plug, or wax them? Do you fill them in with powder, pencil or gel? I think brows have been one of THE biggest trends over the last seasons. While it's not a good idea to go overboard and wear them too thin or too thick, it's important to groom them well and keep them in a good balance with your facial features. The can really change your face in the best or worst way. It's best to only ever let a professional and trustworthy person touch your holy brows. I love brows, and there is so much to learn about them. In fact there are so special that some beautician's started to specialize in brows and brow bars opened up all over the world. And beauty brand benefit has even published a book about brows. Yes, a whole book, just about brows! I grabbed myself a copy and am studying and reading through, I guess I am already a pro but there is always more to learn.

If that's a little to much for you and you just want to look good, without all the study and effort you can hold your breath now... Close your eyes...and imagine there will be a wonderful tiny little product that looks cute is small and easy to fit in your makeup bag and is has magical qualities, that make your brows look amazing as soon as brush the magic wand through them! Open your eyes again! Abracadabra POOF! Here it is: BENEFIT GIMME BROW! Seriously a fab little helper that just does it all, it not only colours your brows and holds them in place like other gels on the market. This one even fills gaps in and actually makes your existing brows looking thicker & conditions them long term. Yep, that's right!

Just last week I was invited to the beautiful Benefit Store in Sydney, to the product launch, where they even had a "real" magician performing and I got to see this little miracle work it's magic on other bloggers and my won brows! Wow what a night!

If your brows are sparse and you have always dreamed of thicker brows, make sure to try out GIMME BROW, the latest addition to the always cute Benefit Makeup range. It's magic ;) Of course the video below doesn't show the real effect and while it def thickens, fills, colours and conditions brows they will not magically take on a different shape, for this you will still need to see your local brow bar! Srsly, it's a great product! And it comes in 2 different shades too. A product that I have been waiting for!