Dry & Sensitive Winter Skin : Bye Bye

lt's this time of year again, where people bombard me with questions about dry skin.

If your skin gets dry and sensitive in Winter, including eczema:
Try the Zk'in Relief Moisturiser !It works!

It's not greasy either, so you can easily wear it underneath your makeup.

It's my go-to Winter skin primer and works a treat on everyone that has reactive skin, hypersensitivity or just sensitive skin.  If you are someone with eczema on your hands, you also have to get the Zk'in Soothing Hand Cream. It heals the skin in record time and again: It's not greasy.

For my whole guide on how to treat your skin in the Winter season read my post here.

You can get your hands on some directly on their website or at Nourished Life.