Best Facial in Bondi Beach & Organic French Spa

I had a wonderful morning meeting Deborah Thomas, French facialist and founder of Bioty Spa in Bondi Beach. She specialises in natural/organic treatments.

Deborah is a beauty therapist who really knows her stuff! Trained in Paris and a former Beauty Journalist, her knowledge about beauty products and skin are fantastic.
Her beautiful glowing skin and calm, friendly personality convinced me right from the start, that I had come to a great place.

When she mentioned that she believes that beauty comes from within, I knew we were on the same page. Her treatments are a unique combination of energetic work with Chinese meridian points, stimulating&lifting microcurrent treatment using an electronic device, paired with the use of luxurious natural beauty products with balancing essential oils. Deborah has in-depth knowledge of the Five Element Healing and meridian points. It's all about the holistic approach here at Bioty Spa.

Sipping on delicious Detox Tea, which she had made for me, she started explaining the way her holistic natural treatments worked and after an in-depth personal consultation she began a wonderful rejuvenating and lifting facial.

I have had a full on week, with long days at work and really arrived looking puffy and tired, my skin also recently broke out quite a bit. What can I say? I left Bioty Spa glowing, relaxed and happy and even without any makeup, my skin looked great and glowing immediately after the treatment.
Every detail was on point: Being wrapped in warm towels, the soothing quiet music in the background and the sensation of the treatment itself, after one hour, I felt like I had just been on holiday. On my way back home, I was wondering when I can fit in my next appointment.

At Bioty Spa Deborah is using natural and organic products by the French Beauty Brand Josiane Laure Paris. It's luxury niche brand of certified organic skin care. The beautiful textures and natural scents won me over instantly. So I brought home some products, which I will try and review soon.

Before I try to recap everything that I have learned about the Bioty Treatments, I thought I let Deborah speak for herself:

Why did you choose to work with natural/organic products?
I've always been interested in natural food and alternative medicines.
When I was a baby, I was lactose intolerant so I raised with "special food" and I had the chance to meet very interesting people.
When I started to be beauty journalist I really wanted to focus on natural and organic skincare and products, as there are a lot of brands offering amazing skincare all natural/organic, and affordable and truly efficient!
After an interview with Josiane Laure, I had the chance to try the treatments and I totally felt in love with this.
We were definitely on the same page! She offered me the chance to be trained in her treatments, combined with her natural and organic range of skincare and the deep energetic work via the Chinese medicine spots and meridians.

What is unique about the treatments at Bioty Spa?

With Bioty Spa I want to bring women to a new way of taking care of themselves, with all natural skin care and treatments, very qualitative for slimming, firming and moisturising. At Bioty Spa you are not only relaxing, you're also taking care of your health, via the lymphatic drainage massage I offer in all of my treatments. With Josiane Laure Paris technique, I've also learned the Chinese spots and meridians to promote draining and firming, but also to answer specifically each one needs. I would focus on different spots to treat acne or wrinkles or swelling....everyone is unique, so I adjust my treatments to everyone needs to assure a deep work. That's why you keep the benefits for a while, at least for 1 week.

What are the benefits of using the JL Lift professional device? How does it work?

The JL Lift professional device helps to work deeper on the Chinese spots. We call that "electropuncture" it has the same benefits of acupuncture but without needles (I hate needles, in my opinion, you don't have to suffer to be beautiful/healthy). I use the device to treat different things, for example, wrinkles, eye-contouring swelling or dark circles, acne...etc. I also use it on the body to promote slimming and draining. I have very good results with this device it's fantastic, and all natural! It also offers a 2in1 work, beauty and health!


Do you offer facials for pregnant women? How are they different?

Of course, my treatments are adjustable to everyone needs. I encourage the pregnant women to use natural skincare and products during their pregnancy it's very important. Regarding the essentials oils contained in the products, you can use it after the 3 months of pregnancy, otherwise, I can use other products without essential oils if the patient asks me.


You look glowing and healthy yourself! Please share your personal number 1 beauty tip!

Thank you! I've always thought that beauty comes from inside, it's much more a matter of mind and spirit. If you're happy you feel and are beautiful that's my beauty tip number 1 I would say, but of course, I have a lot of beauty tips, as the skincare I use (Josiane Laure Paris) how to use it, when to use it...etc

The Verdict
If you are after the ultimate natural pampering experience, make an appointment with Deborah at the Bioty Spa: She will get you the glow!
Is this really the best facial you can get in Bondi Beach? This is only my humble opinion.
Everyone has different skin and priorities. As I prefer natural treatments, a relaxing environment and lasting results, I say yes!