Discovering Mádara Organic Skincare

Madara Skincare Review 03.jpg

It makes me so happy how there is an abundance of natural and organic skincare popping up everywhere, so much choice and beautiful products, something for everyone yet all toxin free.
Have you tried Mádara yet?

On our trip to Europe, I discovered Mádara skincare for the first time. It was stocked in most pharmacies in Stockholm & Copenhagen and I learned to love their PEEL mask, which quickly sorted out my skin which was breaking out from all the travels & changes. As the brand is a nordic company from Latvia, it makes sense that it was so widely available over there.

Back in Australia I didn't see it anywhere for a while and almost forgot about it.
BUT there are stockists here now, which got me to dive into the brand and try out a little more variety from their brand.
The range is actually huge, from Skincare to Haircare, Babycare and body products...
Everything is certified organic and the formulations are certainly very premium.
The packaging doesn't give away that the products are natural, which is a plus, they look like any other upmarket cosmetics, so if you are not into hippy-dippy bottles you probably love how simple, sleek and "normal" the products look.

As a makeup artist I am mostly interested in skincare, so that's what I have started with but I am still excited to try the other ranges.

So here is what I have tried & tested:


Micellar Water
Micellar Water is a staple in my makeup kit this one is possibly my new favourite. I wish I could buy huge bottles of it! They should make a pro-size (hint-hint!) If you haven't heard of this type of cleanser yet, it is a makeup removing water, super easy to use and therefore used by all makeup artists, but it's also great to have on hand for a super quick and gentle cleanse at home.
It removes makeup with ease, smells wonderful and is gentle yet hydrating.
Natural oil micelles dispersed in a soothing aloe vera juice remove makeup whilst providing a toning effect. Antioxidant-rich Northern peony root extract and hyaluronic acid soften, protect and hydrate the skin.

Lip Perfection Balm

(not vegan/contains beeswax & propolis)
A luxurious lip treatment & primer that leaves a slight sheen. Feels very nice on the lips and reminds of the expensive department store balms, yet this one is toxin free and filled with organic goodness. If they could work out how to make it vegan it would become another makeup kit staple.

Superseed Soothing Hydration
As the name suggests this is a very soothing oil perfect for dry and irritated skin. Isn't the simple bottle just so beautiful? Like with any face oils, a few drops are enough to quench the skin. Perfect for Winter.

SOS HYDRA mask Moisture+Radiance
Instant Moisture for dehydrated skin. Perfect as an in-flight mask too ( I always wear hydrating masks on planes, I know, it might sound weird and I sure get some looks of fellow passengers, BUT I get off fresh as a daisy) Your skin will really drink this one up. You can wipe any excess after 15-min with a warm cloth or cotton pad!

Exfoliating Oil-To-Milk scrub
(not vegan/contains beeswax)
It's a gentle hydrating scrub suitable for all skin types. This product is not vegan.

Ultra purifying mud mask
This mask is a deep cleanse, that decongests the skin. Really great for blemishes, clogged pores, oily and dull skin. I will keep mine for troublesome times, everyone needs a good mud mask in their skincare regime. If you have dry skin they are different and better options, though. This is a winner for oily skins.