Face Tan Water, best invention ever?

Eco Tan Face Tan Water Review.JPG

I am usually not a fan of any fake tans on the face. They clog pores, dehydrate the skin and they also don't last, so I usually do tell clients not to bother and to simply match the makeup to the rest of the body if they are getting a spray tan.

Even if you are having a natural suntan, the face usually stays lighter, as we (hopefully!) protect it that most with sunblock, makeup, glasses & hat.

That's why most people have darker skin on the body than in the face.

But I am getting sidetracked....! As this Summer consisted of multiple heatwaves, my face hasn't seen much sun this year, I only went to the beach in the evening and tried my best to stay cool with this big belly.

I saw the Eco Tan Face Tan Water and needed to try it. I was intrigued by the texture, that it is actually a liquid and of course that it is toxin-free and full of great ingredients.

I already mentioned it briefly here, but I found it to be amazing!
I simply apply some with a cotton pad at night after cleansing and leave it on after night.
The tan is very light and can be built up when used a few nights in a row. Then you can maintain that colour by using the water 2-3 times a week.I t is definitely a subtle result but enough to even out the skin and give it a bit of a glow. Hardly any makeup needed afterwards!

The texture is very light and feels hydrating and cooling, sooooo nice now in Summer!
The best thing is that the formula is anti-acne (it won't cause clogged pores or breakouts!) and anti-aging (it keeps the skin very hydrated and supple)

I am not surprised it already won awards! It's such a unique product and it really works.

I just ordered myself a whole new bottle, for when baby arrives and I bet it will make me look less tired in those crazy but beautiful weeks as a new mama. Does that sound really vain? I am sure I will be all consumed by baby love and not caring too much about my appearance a, but after a few weeks/months there is nothing wrong with making yourself feel good, is there?

So my roundup: It's amazing and highly recommended!
I can't see myself stopping to use it anytime soon.