A hairy subject- The latest in Toxin Free Hairstyling


I find good natural skin care and makeup way easier to come by then hair products. If you watched my video on my fave body & products you already know my go-tos. 


Yet, I am always curious to find new good things in the natural beauty world . The hairiest issue has been finding a hair colour that is fairly toxin-free and most of all cruelty-free too! Of course, certain chemicals are needed to change hair colour permanently, but that doesn't mean that it needs to be packed with toxic additives. Today I had my lovely neighbour and fellow hair- and makeup artist Melissa Hope coming over to my place (Hooray! For mobile hair dressers that can deal with babies!) She uses Italian Eco Brand Oway hair colour. And the results were amazing. Highly recommended!!! It seems like a really outstanding brand. No fumes, no stinky business, no nasties just beautiful professional hair colour!

I have a busy month coming up with plenty of travel for wedding makeup work and got myself a little super light mini Hairdryer by Babyliss, (which is a cruelty-free brand!) via RY, which has an all new organic/natural section on their side now. Yay! However, not all products listed there meet my own organic/natural standards. Always read the ingredient label and don't become a victim of "greenwashing". Check out which ingredients to avoid on my list here.
So yeah, while I use pro tools in my kit, I love this little mini dryer for our own travels. It's quite powerful for such a little thing. 


Envirocare Earth has just released their line of silicone-free hair products. I was somewhat hesitant to let go of my trusted products and try something different, but oh boy! These have actually worked such a treat. My hair is less frizzy and easy to brush with these. They have a very lovely super subtle scent that doesn't linger (which I prefer!) and free of any nasty ingredients and the big, dark pump bottles look really great in our bathroom too. I use the shampoo, conditioner & treatment. 
This is actually a really great line, that I had underestimated. Give it a go if you are looking for a toxin-free new hair shampoo. (It works perfectly for my fine-ish, coloured, dry & long hair) and hubby has been stealing some for his beard and really liked it too!

There you have it! This is what I have used on my own hair lately!