Sweet Serenity - A Vibrant Treat For My Skin


"You look wonderful! " said the lovely random lady, stopping me on the street staring at my face. Well, I definitely felt very good and radiant while running errands with little Faye in tow.

I can't say that it was the skin care that led to this compliment but I know that Max&Me Oils have this very therapeutic effect, they somehow uplift my soul and put me in a great mood.

Is it the beautiful packaging with Elf illustrations or the organic & wildcrafted ingredients? There is surely some magic involved when it comes to this luxury skin care brand! 

I hinted that this month is a little over-scheduled (to avoid saying stressful, which is just a little too negative) for us and on top of everything my kitchen flooded today, but that's a story for another time. Or actually hardly worth telling. Ever. 

To change things up from my usual skincare routine, this month is asking for some extra treats:

I have been oil cleansing with Purity&Grace and moisturising with Sweet Serenity Beauty Balm. And what can I say? Magic! 
Both are balancing for all skin types and can be used day & night, which came in handy when travelling.  

The magic happens when you inhale the aromatic Oils prior to massaging the balm into the skin. They are both vegan, organic, and packed with luxurious natural ingredients. 
Highly recommended!  

I will share some more about this line and a few surprises over here soon. Stay tuned.