My Personal Skin Care Routine

This has been requested so many times!
I was waiting for the right opportunity and record a great video, but you know, I am a Mama to a little bub, a working pro makeup artist and there will always be something coming up.
So... I just made a super simple video talking you through my current routine with the great Edible Beauty products! I have written reviews about them before, so you have an idea how much I like this brand!

This post is not sponsored!!! I did meet the gorgeous and knowledgeable founder Anna for lunch today though and after telling her again how much I love the products, she decided to give my clients & readers a special offer. Yay!
I do have a great deal for you, if you want to buy the products:

use Code LIV15 at checkout, for a 15% discount !!!

I hope you enjoy.

All products are vegan! Toxin-free, Cruelty-free, super duper luxurious and Liv approved ✅