= cucumber sandwich discus : Martini knockout relay

We attended the Chap Olympiad 2010!
London is probably the best City in the world. I feel so very lucky.
Not only for having such a chap man in my life...but that is for sure a big plus ; ).

For one afternoon only, Bedford Square Gardens is overrun with elaborately moustachioed fellows in Harris tweed and heavy Tricker's brogues. Bounders and cads and gentlefolk of all persuasions will compete for louche glory in a number of hotly contested events.
There's cucumber sandwich discus, moustache wrestling ("have at you, sir!"), Necktie Kwon-Do, umbrella jousting and a Martini knockout relay. 
We were too busy eating the cucumber sandwiches, sipping cider and and taking pictures of all the amazing costumes that we didn't take part in any competitions.Therefore we started dancing charlston til my feet were covered with blisters.
WHAT A DAY! Such an incredible atmosphere!