Pizza Party x Projectors = homemade happiness

How to: Homemade happiness

A Sunday off
Fun flatmates (optional)
A Man with passion for Pizza and a talent for kneading a good dough
Plenty of bowls filled with your favorite ever pizza toppings
One camera
Good music
A movie with happy ending
One movie projector (optional)
A big lounge room, with a big white wall
One real comfy couch
A few scented candles with bonfirey fragrance (totally optional!)
A good dose of gratefulness
Don't forget to sprinkle with plenty of love!

Give it all a good mix and enjoy!!!
Check out Dave's amazing pizza dough recipe here.

Other highlights of the week included preparations for our upcoming holiday, one of my recent fashion editorials got published here, discovering a very nice Japanese restaurant for Friday night dinner, doing make up for beautiful brides and amazing kids magazines.
But mostly realizing how happy I am right now and how much I am in love with my man.