brixton village vs chili & cornbread home cooking challenge

Appreciating how lucky we are to call this great city our home for some time,
there are still places we haven't explored yet, so we made a list to make sure we will
visit most of them. Being tourists in our own city to see more.
It's easy to fall into your daily routines and sticking around your own neighborhood,
especially when you are working a lot and lived in a city a couple of years.
It's important to see everything with fresh eyes from time to time and to step out.

We explored the Brixton Village where you can find  the best pizza in the whole of London at Franco Manca.
It's all organic sour dough pizza, you have to try! We loved the atmosphere in the night markets,
and beside tasting the most delicious pizza ever, we saw so many places around there, that we would like to try.
We found an not spectacular looking gelato place for desert, which had the best ice cream I have had in London. Laboratoria Artigianale del Buon Gelato, or LAB G , where Giovanni Giovinazzo makes best ice creams outside of Italy.
We will be back. 

At home we have been cooking with friends, a way too big vegetarian chili with homemade cornbread.
A papaya salad, fresh salsa and guacamole and tortilla chips as side and a lime/kiwi cheesecake for desert.
I am still stuffed, days later!
Our friend Sadie, doesn't like cooking but somehow managed this challenge and served us this most amazing dinner. The cornbread turned into floor-bread when she dropped the burned loaf but the taste was incredible. Thanks Sadie.
Oh yes, we will miss our friends and this house!

Dave just took off for a weeks business trip to Sydney taking an extra suitcase of things already down there. A very lucky coincidence.
I guess I am subconsciously more stressed about the move than I would like to admit , cause I have had real trouble sleeping this week, which made every day a bit of a struggle.  
Some yoga and no coffee this week will fix me hopefully.