The move and the Journey

Hey everyone. We are here. Safe and sound in Sydney.
And we are loving it. Only that we are very very tired.
Loads to catch up on. The last weeks, leading up to the move were a little crazy.
Clutter everywhere, as you can see in the pictures.
We shipped all our belongings and furniture had our farewell parties and were a little nervous.

A few weeks later, we are still waiting for a regular sleep pattern and for things to fall into place.
Living out of our suitcases, time changes, climate changes and being on flat and job hunt.
Everything still feels a little surreal.

We have had the best flights though:
Equipped with dorky neck roll pillows, comfy clothes and plenty of entertainment and all the yummy food at Korean Air we managed to really enjoy the long flight.
It really helped that our stop over airport in Seoul is just the best. They offered free showers, free Internet, beautiful life music and so many plants within the building I felt like on a little holiday for three hours. Seriously everyone, if you have the chance to fly Korean Air via Seoul, I can tell you already it's a very good idea.
We are feeling warm and fuzzy about our new life! Tired but happy to be back to blogging.
And thanks again to Jessica, Gaby and Trishie for their fabulous guest blogs over the last weeks.
We will post about our first week in Sydney shortly!