A little Mexican Rooftop Dinner

The other night when it was a lovely warm clear summer night, we went for a nice walk and had dinner on a Rooftop at a Mexican place, that makes the most fabulous dish,
truffle quesadilla! The place was full of the brightest little decorations, furniture and paintings from Mexico. I would love to go there one day.
Summer nights outdoors, fresh food and cold drinks and a daily swim that's what really makes me happy right now. January you are fabulous! So much more exciting and busy than I ever expected.
And you are my birthday month! One thing we actually don't agree on is Birthdays.
To me birthdays are important and to Dave they are not so much.
And having no family or friends around here just yet the thought of my birthday makes me feel a tiny little bit homesick. Maybe I need some Skype time with my Mum and fabulous friends.