Birthday, Business And Good Food

It was my birthday the other week, and while I was working during the day, I came home to our camping apartment, being decorated with flowers and pot plants, candles and a delicious dave-made dinner. Exactly what I needed. I namd my new plant "Roger" and promised to look after him well.
Afterwards he took me out to Bondi Beach, where we had tickets for the Flickerfest, a little short film festival by the beach.
And we walked all the way home afterwards. A very nice night out, thanks Dave!
While my birthday week was filled with work and the preparations for the exciting One Fine Day fair,
we decided spontaneously on Friday night to go out for a nice post birthday dinner at The Apollo.
The best dinner I have had in Sydney! Absolutely amazing place, that I recommend anyone checking out. That night really charged me up for this crazy week ahead.
I squeezed in another little break, meeting the lovely Gaby from This Little Port for a green smoothie and a raw mango cake (which I need to find the recipe out for asap!) and went swimming behind the house almost every single day.
Due to the high volume of work and the One Fine Day fair coming up, I won't be able to post next week, but promise to fill you asap afterwards.
Or maybe I even see some of you there?
Our furniture is going to arrive in the midst of everything too, so we will spent some night, putting everything together and unpacking too.

I did expect the start of our life here to me much more relaxed, slow and to have plenty of free time on my hands for exploring the new country, taking photographs and blogging.
But life doesn't always like to be planned, it likes surprises.
It's great to see my freelance taking off so well already and the time is flying by.
It's safe to say we are settling in well. Thanks to  new friends, old friends, family and good coffee places we are on a roll. Hope 2013 is treating you all well! Speak soon. x