More Waterfalls & Blue Mountains Part 2

The scenery was just too good to not take a picture every minute, and so I felt it's best to divide this post into two. Two days, two nights, two hikes & two blog posts.
I had no idea how much I would enjoy the nature and country, being such a city girl, I wasn't sure if this is for me and until a few hours before the trip I was doubting our decision and was wishing we just booked somewhere by the beach. Mountains & Winter are usually not my cup of tea...
I guess it's safe to say I have changed my mind! With so much going on right now, this was the perfect place to unwind.

We have also been house hunting and have had a lot of research and paperwork to do to get prepared for this whole complicated process of buying a house. And now we are waiting for the Auction to come! We found a place we like so please cross your fingers for us, that we will win it.
Exciting times ahead!

When life changes our little blogs change with them.
With our careers taking over most of our free time this blog limps a little behind,
I am writing for different blogs and magazines and am challenging myself by getting into Videos as well. Lately I have been traveling for business and my work is my main priority at the moment.
I love this little corner of our Internet so much and I love staying in touch with friends & families all over the world, but this blog is mainly that!
We love having all you readers here, but this blog is mainly for ourselves, that's why I took the pressure of creating our weekly posts.
We will most of the time continue to do this anyway, but sometimes it will take a little longer.
It might be worth the wait though ;) If you like more frequent updates please connect through
Instagram and also check out my beauty blog