Waterfalls & Whiskey Porridge A Weekend Trip (part1)

Instead of holiday this year we went on a little weekend trip to the Blue Mountains!
After we made a day trip there the other week, we couldn't wait to go back. This time with real mountain hiking gear and equipped for some long long walks.
We packed our dorkiest clothes: Be warned, this is not a fashion post!!!

I have never done hiking before but totally had the best time. We went on two five hour walks, which where just the right time for my untrained legs. The rewarding meals afterwards tasted extra good.
We loved the food at Leura Garage and the best sandwiches at The Conservation Hut including views.
Evenings by the fireplace and warming back up in long baths... It was like heaven. We stayed in an very charming old Argyll Guesthouse with the cutest interior and huge spa bath. The owner served us 4 course breakfasts including porridge with whiskey. Not your average hotel, for sure. There was the cat Rose, which really made me realize even more how much I am longing for a pet at home.
Waterfalls, Grand Canyon, Sweet sweet eucalyptus air, big breakfasts, and being away from it all. We loved it so much we got tempted to leave the city and just move up there. For now we are too happy being close to everything in the City and I dearly love Sydney. But we could dream of a weekend house up there....Winter is really not bad here after all!
Second warning: Your fingers might get sore from scrolling but there were just too many lovely pictures to choose from and chances are you get bored looking at waterfall picture number 134!?

Ah well, I will put up a second post with even more of them :)