Makeup Workshop

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Saturday was a big day, my first makeup workshop in Australia! It was held at Create Or Die studio in Marrickville. It was so much fun and I am so grateful to for the wonderful team of supporters and partners that came on board to make it all happen. I can safely say the long days and short nights leading up to the day were SO worth it. The day went by so quickly so I was extra excited about the photos and I can't wait to see the video, once it's edited as well.

All guests were so lovely and curious. I was blown away by their enthusiasm and passion for makeup. I really hope everyone took home new tips & tricks and is encouraged to try new products and techniques. I could have not hoped for a better crowd! Every time I mentioned a new topic one million more techniques and pieces of advice would come to into my head. Questions were asked and new solutions demonstrated.

I could have made this workshop last for a whole week and still would have had more to share... However I think everyone got a good taste and some insider tips during the day.

The workshop was a mix of tutorials shown on our pretty model Jessica and hands-on times, were everyone would have the time to experiment and try new techniques on their own faces. Of course there was Champagne, drinks and nibbles as well.

I love a good challenge and bringing together an event like this was definitely a good one. Thank you for all the wonderful people who contacted me already and asked for further workshops and invited me to come to their cities. As international makeup artist, I love to travel and the Sydney Makeup Workshop was a great start. I will get onto planning and we will make it happen, eventually!

A huge thanks to our supporters Jane Iredale Australia, Atelier Lumira ,People for Plants, Bionade Australia , West Elm, De Lorenzo Haircare, Hello May, BloomboxCo, Ihana

The fab Team: Jaclyn from Blog Society, Nat from Eat Read Love, Julianna from twoguineapigs, Carla from Pebble Coast Films, Jessica Ruscoe our model and my man Dave and puppy Dalston who were there for me all along.

Make Up Liv Lundelius Hosted by Blog Society / Eat Read Love Venue Create or Die Decor West Elm / Hello May / BloomboxCo / Atelier Lumira Hair & Beauty Jane Iredale / People For Plants / Cruelty Free Beauty / Ihana / Delorenzo Photos and Video Pebble Coast Films / twoguineapigs Food and Beverage Bionade / Bourke Street Bakery Marrickville Model Jessica Ruscoe