Meet Tanja, The Radiant Beauty Behind Max&Me

Max&Me first came into my life when I was highly pregnant and I was given the "Circle Of Protection" Body oil. It was love at the first sniff. This oil made me feel safe and beautiful and was nourishing the skin of my very stretched belly and body. I am still using & loving it.

I was curious to learn more about this line of unique beauty products and have since fallen in love with many of them.

Enough of me for now:
I am excited that I had the chance to interview the glowing & inspiring co-founder, Tanja to talk about her magical formulations and all things natural beauty!
She lives in Vienna/Austria on the other end of the world, so we did a virtual interview.
Which makes me so grateful for technology and being able to connect, even if the internet connection wasn't always perfect, I learned so much about the power of plants are the story behind these special skincare products.

I hope you enjoy!

(All products are made from only the highest quality, organic or wild crafted ingredients. All products are cruelty-free, most are vegan. Some contain Honey/Propolis)