A Vibrant Facial with Max&Me

I have recently included some new & beautiful Max&Me skin care into my pro-kit as well as into my own beauty routine. I thought I share with you how I use them as an at-home facial and also as an evening/makeup removal routine. Possibly the most luxurious natural line that I have tried. The care that founder Tanja Gruber takes to source the ingredients doesn't compare. It's beyond organic and therefore very potent. I highly recommend this for any troubled skin conditions that require healing and for anyone that seeks real pampering! Thank me later ;)

All products are cruelty-free & toxin-free.
Mask&Wash does contain carefully sourced natural Manuka Honey and is therefore not vegan.
If you are looking for a vegan hydrating Mask in this range apply the Beauty Balm in a generous layer instead.