Video: My favourite Hair & Body Products

Hey guys, I made a little Video:

One thing upfront:

This is in no way a sponsored post. All products mentioned are my own favourites that I keep buying again and again. I get asked A LOT about what I am using and while I know that what works for me might not necessarily be your cup of tea, I am happy to share my thoughts and recommend the things that I genuinely love to use myself.

I hope you enjoy...

I have been meaning to record videos for ages, but then this wonderful pregnancy popped along and changed lots of plans. Also, it does feel a little funny, talking to the camera all by myself, trying not to make a total fool of myself. Ah well.
My pregnancy brain also made me forget to use my external mic, so the sound isn't as good. Same with my posture...(don't get me started, but I am close to 37 weeks pregnant after all...)
Let me know what you think!