Natural Holiday & NYE Makeup Tutorial

I somehow managed to record this just before Christmas, but with some technical issues it took days to upload. However, it's up and live now, just in time for NYE.

I hope you enjoy this little tutorial.

A great start to the new year and all the glow & happiness from us to you!
Thank you for reading and following along, I am looking forward to 2018!

Products used:
Verdura Hydrating Mist Lotus via The V-spot
Edible Beauty Luminous Angel Drops (Highlighter)
Edible Beauty Gold Rush Eye Balm (use LIV15 at checkout for 15%off)
Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals Foundation
Ere Perez Waterproof Mascara
Ere Perez Chamomile Eye Palette in Beautiful
Fra Lippo Lippie in Red Betty
Jane Iredale Great Shape Eyebrow Kit
Jane Iredale Mattifying HD Powder in Translucent


Video: My favourite Hair & Body Products

Hey guys, I made a little Video:

One thing upfront:

This is in no way a sponsored post. All products mentioned are my own favourites that I keep buying again and again. I get asked A LOT about what I am using and while I know that what works for me might not necessarily be your cup of tea, I am happy to share my thoughts and recommend the things that I genuinely love to use myself.

I hope you enjoy...

I have been meaning to record videos for ages, but then this wonderful pregnancy popped along and changed lots of plans. Also, it does feel a little funny, talking to the camera all by myself, trying not to make a total fool of myself. Ah well.
My pregnancy brain also made me forget to use my external mic, so the sound isn't as good. Same with my posture...(don't get me started, but I am close to 37 weeks pregnant after all...)
Let me know what you think!


Jane Iredale Summer Campaign

In September I flew up to Noosa to create one minute makeup looks for Jane Iredales latest Summer campaign. It was such good fun and an amazing team on set.

All the looks are wearable and very natural and subtle. I liked how all models were different ages and colouring really showing a variety of looks that suit pretty much everyone.
They are all created with real women in mind that only have a few minutes to do their makeup and are far from the usual complicated & ultra detailed Youtube makeup looks.

It's fun to see the final clips and I thought I share them here with you.

If you like the videos above check out all looks in the Jane Iredale Austalia Youtube playlist here

I really love working with the Jane Iredale products, they live up to my professional standards, are kind to the skin and are all PETA certified cruelty-free. Most of the range is vegan too!
My pro kit contains quite a few items of this brand and my collection continues to grow.

I hope you enjoyed some quick,simple, practical & natural makeup ideas for Summer!


Strobing - A tutorial And Best Products

best products for strobing best highlighters pro makeup artist Strobing seems to be the latest craze. The reality is far from it: Pro Makeup Artists have been using this technique forever! Just without anyone knowing. With the abundance of beauty youtubers, bloggers & instagrammers everyone seems to be in the know, trying out and experimenting with professional makeup techniques.

What is Strobing? It is a highlighting technique that can be used together with contouring or on it's own. It's way more foolproof than contouring and the effect is also very suitable for day time makeup looks. Strobing can be done quickly and is an easy technique, which is probably another reason why it's so popular.

How does it work? You simply need to apply highlighting products to the highest points of your cheek bones and along the nose, as well as in the corner of the eyes and on the cupids bow of your lips. Highlight only what you really want to emphasize, because you will draw attention and light to the highlighted areas. Cream and liquid highlighters usually work best and are most popular. However if you want more longevity or have naturally oily skin you can also try to use powder highlight.

Mistakes To Avoid You need to find a highlighter that works with your skin tone. Avoid icy pink shades if your skin is medium or tan in colour or if you want to do for a bronzed look. The cool and frosted shades work best on fair and light complexions. Golden highlighters looks best on yellow toned skin with a light tan. You want the shimmer to look believable. Use a matte bronzer and blush to make sure you don't sparkle all over. The effect only works if there is a difference between the highlighted and not highlighted areas.

gressa, skin, strobing, review, organicm makeup artist sydney, ecomakeupartist Liv Lundelius, Celebrity Makeup Artist Which products work best?

The RMS Living Luminizer is a professional makeup artist favourite. This one is not too sparkly and leaves the skin slightly glossy, like all rms products, it comes as cream in a glass jar It has a very soft champagne tone it is subtle and sheer and adapts to most skin tones.

A great one that comes with a little bit of colour and is suited for medium to tan yellow tones is Jane Iredale In Touch Highlighter It has a warm peach colour that works best as blush highlight combo for the cheeks or warmer skin tones.

A gorgeous golden and strong highlight is the Au Naturale Organic Creme Highlighter which comes in a stick.

A powerful powder highlight is Adore Loose Illuminiser that comes as a loose powder. This one looks especially great on fair skins.

Gressa Skin has a wonderful liquid highlighter, the Minimalist Illuminating Face Serum which works great on all skin types, including oily skin or skin prone to breakouts, as it contains unique botanical oils and are balancing to the skin.

Strobing Makeup Tecnique Tutorial Dewy Skin Liv Lundelius Organic Celebrity Makeup Artist Photo by Stephanie Alcaino for White Magazine

Step By Step Guide: Find a well lit mirror. Duh! ;) Prep: 1.Exfoliate your skin, any bumps will stand out even more on highlighted skin, so make sure you prep your skin well. 2.Hydration is a must for any makeup look, especially for dewy and radiant looks. 3.You can also use a hydrating primer if you like. This will help to smooth open pores and make your skin look more flawless. I like Smooth Affair Primer by Jane Iredale. Conceal: Apply your base, be it just a light tinted moisturizer or a full cover foundation according to your needs. (Caution: If you use powder foundation a powder highlight might sit better on top than a liquid product.) Use concealer to hide any blemishes or redness.(you can also apply your blush and contour now if you wish) While in dewy editorial looks a radiant dewy base can be combined with strong highlighting, I recommend keeping the balance for everyday wear, wearing a more natural looking not too dewy base and a subtle highlight, to avoid looking too shiny,oily or sparkly like a discoball. For more mature skin you can achieve strobing with satin finish products that provide a sheen, rather then sparkles. Highlight: Apply your highlighter of choice: On top of the cheekbones using fingers or blending brush, along the bridge of the nose and on the cupids bow of your lip. A little highlight in the inner corners of the eye also looks lovely, and will open the eyes, making them appear to me wider set. Avoid highlighting areas with blemishes or areas that you don't want to draw too much attention to.

The Lane Makeup Artist Natural Wedding Makeup

Natural wedding makeup natural wedding hair liv lundelius the lane natural bridal hair waves liv lundelius makeup artist the lane

natural wedding hair the lane liv lundelius

Natural wedding hair natural wedding makeup the lane liv lundelius makeup artist All wedding photos by : A Bear A Dear And A Fox Beauty Photo by Stephanie Alcaino for White Magazine

Yesterday I received an email letting me know that one of the wonderful weddings I created the natural bridal hair & makeup for has been featured over at The Lane. The bride Jenna was one of the most fun ones I have ever worked with and check out all her beyond talented friends creating beautiful details for her wedding. She is also founder of the boutique natural soap business Maple Soaps, which are the most gorgeous handcrafted vegan soaps, which smell delicous and are free of any synthetic fragrance.

Liv Lundelius Natural Wedding Makeup Sydney

I was also interviewed and asked about my tips on how to create my signature natural makeup look, as seen above. I thought I share it here with you, along with with best products to achieve this look:

One of our enduringly favourite looks for bridal beauty is this supernatural face you created…how did you do it? The right prep and base is key for this minimally beautiful look. Spritz you face with a hydrating mist, I currently love Gressa Purifying Mist. Then apply a high quality skin serum oil, for example Gressa Purifying Oil for radiant, well prepped skin. A cream highlighter applied to cheekbones enhances the bone structure. A sheer foundation like Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation or tinted moisturizer buffed into the skin with a soft foundation brush evens out skin without masking it. For extra radiance & colour corrections try using Stratus another great product by luxury organic brand Vapour. Use a high coverage concealer like Au Naturale Creme Concealer only to cover redness or blemishes for an invisible flawless finish. Use a completely translucent powder only through the t-zone to keep excess shine at bay.

And the eyes, they're 'enhanced' but not heavily made up…whats the secret to achieving that? Start with hydrating the eye area. Tata Harper Restorative Eye Crème is a real winner. Evening out the eyelid with a hint of a tinted eye-primer or foundation. Apply a dab of clear gloss as highlight in the inner corners or alternatively a shimmery light eyeshadow like Au Naturale Creme Eye Shadow. A nude eyeliner on the inner rim creates an open eyed fresh look. Enhance your eyelashes by curling them and coating them with a natural effect Mascara like 100% Pure Black Tea Mascara. It's important to make sure you apply the mascara right on the roots of the lashes to give that framing effect and a luscious thick lash line.

What about colour, what should brides keep in mind for a natural look but drawing on hints of colour like this? The only colour I used on this look focusses on the lips and cheeks. This is very soft matte peach tone, which will enhance the skin tone. To create the soft focus hint of colour, I recommend using the same product for lips & cheeks. RMS lip2cheek in demure is a great sublte colour. Dabbing it on with fingers will create that subtle effortless chic. It's best to carry the colour with you for touch-up's of the lips on your wedding day.

And any final, expert tips? Create a beauty ritual that you and your skin love as far out from the wedding as possible. I recommend keeping a routine that works for you and to avoid skincare changes closer to the day. Always choose quality products over quantity. I also believe that the actual beauty ritual is important: Take time to massage your skin daily or fit in the occasional professional spa facial massage, both will increase circulation and nutrition for the skin, delivering that glow from within and relax your facial muscles as well. Get used to keeping an hydrating spray on your desk and a multi tasking skin balm in your handbag to hydrate lips, cuticles and any dry areas in your face. This way your skin will be at it's best in time for your wedding or any occasion you might have coming up.