tmf vegan makeup review

I finally got the chance to try out some tmf makeup products. I have been intrigued by this Australian brand, as it's vegan, cruelty-free and uses a lot of organic ingredients too.
The packaging is very simple, practical and minimal and the line is supposed to be designed with pro artists in mind. It just sounded like the perfect alternative to a brand like MAC (which does test on animals and contains way too many questionable potentially toxic ingredients for my liking)
tmf stands for The Makeup Factory, just in case you were wondering.
I received an Essentials collection, which contained a variety of products to get an idea of the quality, ingedients and performance. There are still lots of products that I haven't been able to try as of yet though (I would love to try the concealer and liquid foundation!) and I will keep you up to date when I do.  Of course, please feel free to comment for feedback and share your own experience with this brand or any questions.
My favourites were:

First I have to say that it makes me very happy when I find vegan lipsticks, as they are very rare even with cruelty-free and organic brands, most do contain beeswax. Tmf makes it clear with their range called Vegan Lips. that their range is 100% free of animal products, which scores extra points with me! The lipsticks are matte and packed with pigment! Definitely a very professional product and long wearing too. They apply very smoothly and not much product is needed. I will have to grab some more of these beautiful colours for my kit. They aren't your creamy, nourishing lipstick, but rather a great colour, long-wearing matte kind. If you are in need for extra shine simply add their lip gloss over the top.

The Pure Skin Glow is a lightweight fluid that can be mixed with liquid foundation for a dewy finish or used on its own as a beautiful highlight. I really liked that this one is not sparkly or overly shiny, it's subtle and sophisticated and can be used in real life without looking like a disco ball! I am definitely a fan of this one.

Pure Skin Base
This is a lovely lightweight, hydrating primer. I would recommend it for dry to normal/combination skin. This is not a mattifying product, but one that makes your foundation last. You can use mineral powder or liquid over the top and it will prolong the wear of your foundation, make it glide on easily and save you from needing too much foundation and ending up with a cake face. Pure Skin Base is a really good primer for most skin types.

The Verdict...
I love the pigment, textures and simple professional packaging. Extra brownie points for being vegan. Extra points for being a local, Australian company that strives to manufacture here too.
I am especially impressed with the Vegan Lipsticks. Another plus is that they offer free shipping within Australia!

I am disappointed that the full ingredients aren't listed on their website. As they market themselves as toxin-free & cruelty-free and have organic written on their packaging, I feel that this is very important information for their customers and for me as a pro artist too. I won't buy products without knowing what is inside.
Their preservative is Phenoxyethanol, which is allowed to be used in organic products but is not my first choice. The products are silicone based, which again is allowed in natural formulations and I do also like the professional results this gives, yet it's important to mention.
I personally don't wear silicon on my skin day to day but do use it in my professional kit for its performance.

The products are not certified organic nor have any natural cosmetics certifications.
TMF is in the process of being certified cruelty-free though, according to the founder, who ensured me that they are working on it. The quality is right up their with the professional brands and I would love to include more of these products into my kit.