Time For Your Winter Glow! Exclusive offer for Liv Well Readers

I don't know about you but for me, it's time to get my Winter Glow on!
And I have a pretty amazing deal waiting for you:
When purchasing the Divine Natural Bronze you will receive a FREE full-size Exfoliating Scrub.
Simply use the code: winterglow at checkout and get glowing.
Now let me tell you why you would want them:

I am a bit of a Winter phobic and definitely a Summer girl, but I made this commitment a few years back to not ever again complain about Winter, but to rather celebrate it and making the most out of it! This has led to buying fun beanies, cool boots and chic coats and to get some tan on when needed. To stocking up on yummy teas and baking vegan treats.
Winter is fun and beautiful after all!

While I tan quite well naturally over the warmer months, right now I can do with a bit of an extra colour. And thanks to my new full-time job as Mama it's especially important that I only use clean, green, non-toxic and ideally Certified Organic products on myself.
My latest discovery is the Divine Natural Bronze & Exfoliating Body Scrub Duo.
Of course, it's all vegan & certified organic, packed with luxurious ingredients to pamper the skin. Let me tell you about the products:

Natural Bronze is a gradual tan, which makes it more mistake proof. I am in a bit of a hurry these days when having a shower. (Anyone that has taken care of a Newborn can probably relate! ) Yet I come out even and streak free. I do always use a mitt when applying tan, which saves me from scrubbing my hands so much afterwards and it does save time. Of course, you can just use your hands if you prefer. I also take good care to exfoliate at least 24h before ideally using an exfoliating glove! Only apply your tan very lightly around dry areas like knees, elbows & feet. You will always have to do some good skin preparation before tanning but I find gradual tans way more forgiving. ( I am sure most of you are tanning experts but just in case there are some newbies)
This one will work for fair to medium skin tones and is buildable. My own skin is never too pale, so the colour looked very natural on myself. All natural tans only use the active tanning ingredient, no synthetic colours. Most conventional tans now have a lot of green and blue pigment added to their formulas, which create more olive results. Natural tans will always be a bit more on the warmer side.The lighter your skin the more careful you will need to apply. You use it as many days in a row as you like until you have achieved the bronze tone that you like, then you can maintain your glow by applying only every 3 days. This lotion feels very moisturising and has a very subtle natural scent.

Exfoliating Body Scrub
This is one nice body scrub! I really like the subtle natural smell and the super fine Pumice & Walnut Shell Powder does a great job exfoliating without being too scratchy. It's a very creamy texture and super easy to use. Of course, it's also nicely hydrating. It's perfect to prep your skin for tanning or just on it's own.

I hope you enjoy this special cooler season!