Osea- One Fine Line Of Vegan Skincare

Powered by the Ocean, as the name promises Osea is a range with active ingredients derived from Organic Seaweed. I have been dying to try this range ever since I first saw it.
I just knew this would be a winner when I looked at the ingredients, the simple packaging and the philosophy of this beautiful brand.

Fast forward a few centuries and I finally got to try out a few staples of this beautiful product line. This line has been around since 1996 and is vegan, absolutely toxin-free, the packaging is eco-friendly and the ingredients are safe, natural and effective, all made in Malibu, California USA.

The textures are just lovely, the scent is very luxurious but not overpowering. They do feel in the best possible way like conventional luxury skincare. Hold on, no: Of course, they feel better! Because they are better for you and you can feel that difference.

This line is great for any skincare junkies who are not too fond of herbally scents and homemade textures and oils. It feels and works just like any high-end skincare line but without the junk.
The packaging is simple and reminds me of a good professional spa skincare line.
The glass is frosted but clear, so I would recommend keeping these goodies out of direct sunlight. IIt's great that you can see exactly how much you have left.
The range is rather extensive with products for all skin types and concerns and includes face as well as body products.

Here is what I have tried:

Atmosphere Protection Cream
Lightweight moisturiser for Day & Night for normal/combination skin.
Not greasy glides on very easily and leaves the skin supple. Provides a fantastic base for makeup. It's so nice and straightforward I don't know what else to say. A very good moisturiser full stop.

Ocean Cleanser
A non-drying gel cleanser, it's very balancing to the skin. It gently exfoliates with vegan lactic acid, leaving your skin radiant.

Sea Minerals Toner Mist
Extra hydrating mist can be used as toner in your skincare regime as well as to set and refresh makeup during the day. The scent is subtle and pleasant. The mist comes out really nice and fine, which is a plus. (not all companies master this and as a pro makeup artist it is VERY annoying if hydrating sprays squirt out and potentially ruin your makeup) So: extra vegan brownie points for the packaging!

Sea Vitamin Boost
I have been keeping the Sea Vitamin Boost on my desk and spritzing my face with it in this dry Winter air. With the heater running due to our little baby in the house, my skin wasn't too impressed and was showing signs of dryness and dehydration. This helps me through the day.
(in combination with a humidifyer in the room and nightly leave on masks!)
This one is a great one for the handbag and desk. Loaded with antioxidants it has some age defying powers and really locks in moisture.

I like to be critical in my reviews but this brand has nailed natural skincare! Of course, I haven't tried the whole range but everythign that I have been using has impressed me. Have you tried this range? Do you have any favourite products?