Vegan Luxe Lipsticks By Axiology

I was planning on writing a post about vegan lipsticks from different brands and featuring my favourites when I realised that each brand that brings a fabulous vegan lipstick to market (and they are far and few between!) deserves their very own post. So, today it is all about Axiology.

While there is an abundance of toxin-free and cruelty-free lipsticks the vegan ones are still rare.
And then there are vegan lipsticks which aren't all that toxin-free and natural...
In my pro-kit, I combine different cruelty-free brands with vegan lipsticks to get a good colour and texture variety which I need as a pro artist.
In my personal beauty bag, I am extra picky and use vegan&toxin-free lippies.
I will step by step introduce these goodies to you!
The other week I also mentioned some vegan lipsticks here in care you missed it.


The outer
The lipstick brand with the unique triangular boxes and shiny golden luxe packaging. I love having a shiny blingy luxe lipstick and think this brand really nailed the packaging.

The Inner
Creamy lipsticks that glide on with ease. The texture is light and not greasy. The colours have a shimmer which makes lips look plump and voluminous. These beauties smell and taste of natural orange oil. Axiology has a large range of colours, from wearable nudes to funky bold colours.

The Company
Crafted in Oregon, USA by vOwner Ericka. She understands eco credentials and lives a vegan lifestyle, so I am not surprised by the quality, ethics and strict pure natural formulation of these treasures. Definitely one of these amazing small businesses that I am proud to support.

The Verdict
Perfect luxury lipstick for your own handbag! Feels hydrating, not greasy and leaves a beautiful shimmer. If you are after a matte colour, this isn't for you.
For the pro artists out there, this is a slightly sheer and shimmery range that still delivers true colour, a great addition to your matte, high-pigmented collection.
I love mine! My personal Favourite Colour is "Vibration"
All shades are shown on lips on the website which gives you a very accurate idea of the colour along side with swatches. I found this very helpful.


P.S: They just came out with some crayons as well! I can't wait to try. Please let me know if you have gotten your lips on some already. I am all ears :)