Konjac Sponges THE Alternative To Scrub, Brush & Co


I have just discovered the benefits of cleansing with a natural Konjac Sponge.
Something so small and simple can actually make such a big positive impact on the skin.

 It wasn't until WYLD send me some of their beautifully packaged and organic sponges that I used one on my own skin.

My own experience cleansing with a Konjac Sponge

Winter really kicked in this week and between the cold air in the early mornings when I took Dalston for his walks and the dry warm air streaming from our heaters to keep our place toasty for baby Faye my skin really suffered. It showed up redness, dryness and flakiness and small areas of congestion.
I immediately exfoliated my skin and repeatedly used nourishing leave-on masks, which has been helpful but it's not a good idea to use a scrub on a daily basis.
I needed something more gentle and that's where the Konjac Sponge came in. I used one with Pink Clay, mainly because I liked the colour, but also because its suitable for sensitive skin.
This was a godsend, especially during this week that I am home alone with bub & pup. Which gave me little time for my own skincare and grooming...
This was SO easy to use and just felt beautiful. Very soft and somewhat silky. I used it without cleanser as I wasn't wearing heavy makeup it cleaned my skin very well, but it also seemed to buff the dry flaky areas and cleansed away impurities around my nose.

What is a Konjac Sponge?
Konjac or Elephant Yam is a plant native to Asia. While the potato-like root is eaten, it has also traditionally been used to create these little sponges.
Wyld sponges are pure and don't contain any . Often Charcoal or pink clay are added for their skincare benefits. Wyld uses natural activated bamboo charcoal to draw out excess oil, zap bacteria and detoxify, this is great for oily and combination skin. The other option is infused with French Pink Clay to cleanse and nourish skin while drawing out excess oil for a rosy glow, suitable for all skins including the most sensitive.

Benefits of cleansing with a Konjac Sponge
It increases circulation, exfoliates and cleanses pores.
It's packed with natural vitamins & minerals.
It is completely natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly especially compared to conventional exfoliant scrubs which contain microbeads. (microbeads are an environmental hazard polluting water and endangering marine life)
Suitable for daily use and all skin types.

How To Use a Konjac Sponge
Easy Peasy: You just wet it with water and use circular motions to cleanse your face.
It can be used purely with water or with your favourite cleanser. A sponge should be replaced every 1-2 months.

Have you tried Konjac Sponges before?