Spring Hydration & Celebrating Gratitude With Verdura



This is a beauty review, BUT there is a little story of why these two products are so greatly appreciated by me right now. If you don't have time for my waffling, skip the italic part and jump straight to the bold writing!

"We did it!" said husband with a proud grin, let's celebrate tonight!
The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, with me working at multiple destination weddings, photo-shoots & presenting two natural skincare/makeup workshops, Dave being busier at work than ever and both of us being parents to our little 4-month-old baby, Faye.
There are many projects ahead of us and so much to catch up on, but for right now:
Let's celebrate.
(Our celebration was cooking at home, after Dave came home late, making some delicious dessert and being in bed by 9.30pm.)

I do really feel grateful that I am able to work with my family in tow. They have been tagging along and supporting me so well! That said, I am trying to be really mindful of not letting our days get hectic or stressful. Faye is still so little and she deserves a calm nourishing environment and lots and lots of fun and cuddles and of course milk! Although I am doing some work she is still exclusively breastfed.
Moments of mindfulness, healthy plant-based food & aromatherapy are getting me through most days in grace.

Just in time, 2 especially beautiful Verdura Naturalalternatives Products arrived on my desk:
All Verdura Products are ♥ 100% vegan and gluten free ♥ Cruelty-free – no animal testing ♥ No parabens ♥ No artificial fragrance ♥ No synthetic colourants ♥ No petrochemicals ♥ Palm Oil free

Gratitude Botanical Perfume
This little roll-on invited me to pause and focus on gratitude!
It's very subtle scent is totally safe for me to use around bub, as it's  not overpowering nor does it linger for long. If you expect this to be a typical powerful fragrance you might be disappointed, but if you are like me and love to carry little uplifting aromatherapy oils with you, then you will like it. It sits here on my desk and will be my new handbag companion.

The scent is a blend of the sacred oil of Frankincense and notes of Rosewood, Spruce and Blue Tansy. It's calming and peaceful and melts away any worries, helping o be present in this moment...and: Grateful!

Lotus Hydrating Mist
Just the refresher that I needed, to clear my head and get on with things today!
It also has the most beautiful Spring Vibes!
This is going to be my Spring Desk staple! It's so beautiful... Not only to look at but also the way it feels on my skin and the gorgeous smell! Verdura formulated this with very clever &pure hydrating ingredients. Infused with Jasmine, Lotus and Hibiscus it is suitable for all skin types. Facial mists are one of my favourite skin care products a
nd I have found another winner.

Both Products are exclusive to the vegan & toxin-free online shop The V-Spot. (within Australia)