Sparkling Vegan Makeup Brushes


It feels like Christmas over here! Why? Well, I just received some brand spanking new, shiny, vegan & cruelty-free makeup brushes! 

There are many pro-quality brushes out there these days that no animal had to suffer for!

Besides the ethical issues, vegan brushes are also more durable and won't hold and accumulate bacteria! That's right: Your animal hair brushes have a tendency to spread germs pretty easily!

Of course, all makeup brushes need proper cleaning and sanitizing. And I will always clean all my brushes very thoroughly. Yet, it's good to know that vegan brushes are naturally "cleaner".

For all cream & liquid products, synthetic brushes have been the choice of pro artists for decades. Finally, we have now sophisticated man-made fibres which grab and apply powders fantastically well! 

I just got this set of eye brushes by Nanshy. If you are looking for new pro-quality brushes and makeup artist equipment, check them out! You can find them in Australia via The V-Spot.

All their brushes come in black as well. But I am quite a sucker for all things white!