Bonfire Night + Cozy time at home

It's been Bonfire Night this weekend.
I am so glad we went to see the fireworks twice last year,
(they were so amazing and so were the traditional toffee apples!)
The huge fireworks in our local park along with quite a few others in London were cancelled this year.
I just had a look at all the photos we took last time-and remembered how much fun it was.

It has been a rainy weekend and it was perfect weather to just stay in, snuggling and having great food at home.
Dave's homemade banana pancakes are the best! Sunday we made oyster-mushrooms and eggplant in a redwine sauce on potato-mash. I decided that if our careers shouldn't work out anymore one day, we could open up our own little cafe/bistro...
Other highlights of this week have been dog-sitting Boston Terrier Chad one night and watching loads of inspiring animal documentaries.
Dave is off to Tokyo for a business trip and I am preparing editorial make-up designs for some upcoming photo-shoots.
What was your highlight of the week(-end) ?